Campaign Generator Using SparkPost API's

How to build a Campaign Generator on top of SparkPost (or just use it for free)

Using SparkPost? Need an easy way to send emails or text messages? Here is a free Campaign Generator to help you send messages without having to build your own front end application!


The debate over ‘No’

No, 否, nee, wala, nie, いいえ, לא, нет, لا, non and as Colonel Klink would say, nein. It’s a simple word that is used all over the world. But if a Sales Engineer say’s this to a customer during a presentation………….that Sales Engineer better duck faster than a speeding Prius.

But Our Solutions Are Different By Tom Spalthoff

I’ve heard this countless times. “We can’t adopt all those normal sales techniques because our stuff is different.” “Don’t make me stop and ask questions – I know what they want.” “Our buyers are technical – they don’t want to talk about business goals or value; they just want technology.”


Are you a Trusted Advisor

The term ‘Trusted Advisor’ has as many definitions as does the job title Sales Engineer or Sales Consultant but the big difference is that there is no job called ‘Trusted Advisor’. Yet when it comes down to it, every Sales Engineer is told that they need to be the ‘Trusted Advisor’ to the customer. So just what does that mean and how do you get to become the ‘Trusted Advisor’ for a customer?